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The Dead Reds - Dictated Democracy

The Dead Reds, a bluesy rock band from Brighton in the UK have just released a new album, “Dictated Democracy”. If you are not familiar with this popular live band let me introduce you to the new album and maybe shine a light on their previous releases to date. In 2014 they released “Dark Before the Dawn” a great album of blues rock with a convincing and enjoyable sound of ’70's Rolling Stones. It is a harp driven, energetic highly listenable record. They followed this in 2015 with, “Last Stand” and then in 2016 with the album “Renegade Genesis”. The band has modelled itself on the music they obviously love and there is more than enough musical references to Zeppelin, the Doors, Dr Feelgood, Rolling Stones et al, to keep any 70’s rock music fans happy. The album opens with Mind Attack, which is a strong opener and once again has that Stones groove. I think it is the excellent harp and lead guitar interplay that creates that image. This is after all the signature sound of the band.

Track two, “Shut It Down” was released as a single before the album release and is a harmonica pumping, guitar blasting slice of refreshing throwback blues rock. It moves effortlessly and engagingly along with each member of the band slickly intertwining to create the groove. It’s relevant lyrics are well placed in the current climate and sit well with the urgent drive of the music. S.J.W and Wild Country come next and have a more country blues rock sound and are followed by “Dead Man Walking” a Bon Joviesque change of pace with an almost James Hetfield delivered vocal. The final track “Peasants Revolt”, is a little different from what has come before with a vocal from guest singer, Beth Lees. It delivers a psych rock groove that provides space to contemplate and kick back from the dirty blues rock of the rest of the album before evolving into a slightly Tenacious D, story telling, rock ballad. Fans of the band will be over joyed and blues rock loving newcomers will find plenty to enjoy in this new release. Available for streaming and download or as a limited edition red vinyl LP or for streaming and download.

Image courtesy of The Dead Reds


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